Find two-way radio batteries, chargers and audio accessories for most major brands and models. Power Products offers the performance and fit customers expect. All products are made from top grade materials and manufactured with rigorous quality control standards to ensure exceptional reliability.

Two-Way Radio Batteries | 2 Way Radio Batteries

Power Products two-way radio batteries enjoy a well earned reputation for performance and durability. That’s because they incorporate features like matched cells from top Japanese manufacturers, gold plated contacts, premium ABS housings, and nickel plated tabs. Rely on our batteries to power your radios under the most demanding field conditions.

Power Products stocks 2 way radio batteries for a wide range of radios, including models from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, M/A-COM, E.F. Johnson, Tait, Vertex Standard and many more. If you’re looking for batteries that offer performance, value, and a solid warranty, contact Power Products today.

Featured Products

Clamshell Battery Holders For Two-Way Radios

These uniquely designed products enable you to operate a radio with AA alkaline batteries during power or fire related emergencies. When the cells will no longer power your radio, simply replace them with any off-the-shelf AA alkaline batteries.


Shown above is BP8299CSOR. Designed to hold 12 AA alkaline batteries, it is compatible with Motorola XTS-3000, XTS-3500, XTS-5000, and Cosmo. In addition to BP8299CSOR, clamshell battery holders are available for a number of other two-way radios. Contact us for more information.

Rapid Chargers

Our Endura TWC1 and TWC6M are high quality, tri-chemistry two-way radio chargers that will charge your radio’s battery quickly and properly every time. Both models feature user replaceable pods that can charge a battery with or without the radio. The replaceable pods allow the charger to be updated if your radio models change over time.

Endura TWC1
Single Unit Rapid Charger
Endura TWC6M
Six-Unit Rapid Charger


Endura rapid chargers include a status LED that shows: (1) battery charging in progress – LED is red, (2) battery charging is 80% complete – LED flashes green, or (3) battery is fully charged – LED is solid green. In addition, the TWC1 and TWC6M utilize a charging process that maximizes battery life by ensuring that a battery is never over charged. Learn more about these remarkable two-way radio chargers by visiting our Endura product page.

Our Services

In addition to great products, we offer a variety of services that can help improve your bottom line. Whether you need a battery label designed with a company logo, marketing support, a custom product or carton labeling, or even special packing and fulfillment, Power Products is ready to support you.

Private Label Battery Program

If marketing batteries with your company’s logo and contact information is important for your business, Power Products can provide you with a complete private label battery program. The labels are professionally designed and printed in color on high gloss label stock. In addition to a logo, labels may include your telephone number, web site address, or other desired information. Almost any two-way radio battery in our catalog can be included in a private label program. To find out more, email us.


Marketing Support

Power Products can support you with a variety of marketing tools, such as product photos, specification sheets, product literature, and merchandising tools. Let us know how we can help.


Power Products employs a highly automated order processing system, which enables us to quickly process and ship large or small orders. While continually striving to improve efficiency, we remain committed to supporting your specific fulfillment needs. Services we provide include:

  1. Palletized warehouse shipments.
  2. Drop ship to service centers or field locations (minimums may apply).
  3. Custom packing for inner and master cartons.
  4. Domestic or international shipping.

    Headquartered just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Power Products is ideally located for prompt and low cost ground delivery service to U.S. addresses.