MOTOROLA CP200 Radio Accessories

FOR MOTOROLA CP150 | CP200d | CP250 | PR400

motorola CP200 accessories


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Compact IP54-Rated Speaker Mic
3-year Warranty 

2200 mAh / Li-Ion* Battery
1-year Warranty

1 Wire Surveillance Kit
3-year Warranty 


motorola cp200

motorola radio cp200 accessories

motorola in-vehicle APX multi-unit charger 


Dual-Unit Vehicle Charger
Used with pod TWP-MT3
2-year Warranty

Twelve-Unit Vehicle Charger
Used with pod TWP-MT3-D
2-year Warranty

2500 mAh / Li-Ion Battery
1-year Warranty


*Additional battery chemistries for Motorola CP200 radios are available, including NiMH and NiCd.

We are proud to manufacturer a comprehensive collection of aftermarket batteries, chargers, and
audio accessories for Motorola two-way radios. View our COMPLETE LIST
 of Motorola CP200 
radio accessories.


  • We manufacture high quality and innovative aftermarket CP200 Series portable radio batteries, chargers and audio acessories for Motorola radios, designed to meet
    or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

  • Our high-capacity two-way Motorola batteries include Japanese cells for optimal performance and are IP-rated (see specific models for exact rating).

  • Our Motorola radio batteries and chargers have an excellent track record for reliability
    and are trusted for use in critical applications by Public Safety and Fire/Rescue Teams nationwide.

  • All Motorola CP200 series handheld batteries provide an excellent fit with specified
    radios and are compatible with Endura and OEM chargers.


motorola CP200 accessories

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motorola CP200 accessories






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