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For over 25 years, our experienced team has been helping companies in 
a variety of industries with their OEM/custom battery packs and charger
needs. We are your valued resource and partner for new product introductions 
through end-of-life product support, including custom lithium ion battery packs.

lithium battery manufacturers



custom battery pack design

  • Preparation of prototypes for testing and evaluation.
  • Series/parallel cell pack configurations.
  • Smart batteries.
  • FM and SGS approved Intrinsically Safe batteries.
  • Military standards.
  • IP54 through IP68 ratings adherence.
  • UN/DOT and UL testing when needed.

lithium battery manufacturers

  • New products or second source for established products.
  • Build from your design or ours.
  • Variety of charger platforms allowing for low cost, quick turn 
    “quasi custom” designs.
custom battery pack manufacturers
  • We offer the latest in Lithium technology, offering solutions from all leading cell manufacturers including Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Moli.
  • Continued support of products requiring NiCad and
    NiMh cells.
  • Specialized alkaline and lead acid packs where required.
 custom battery pack
  • Onshore engineering and project management expertise paired with offshore manufacturing capabilities.
  • Direct distribution from East and West coast locations supported by Certified Class 9 shippers.
  • Ability to leverage resources at other MCE platform 
    companies as needed.
  • $10 Million in product liability insurance.


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